Will better conditioning mean better health?

Posted by Vic Carucci on July 19, 2013 – 5:25 am

By Vic Carucci, Senior Editor

You’ve got questions and comments that you submit to the Browns’ official Facebook and Twitter pages, and Daily@ClevelandBrowns.com. Here’s what I have to say about what you have to say:

Paul says: “It seems the players are in better shape than in years past. If we can get through camp injury free, does the strength coach get MVP?”

I say: You might be onto something, Paul.

There is no doubt that the Browns’ overall physical conditioning is as good as it has ever been, and that Brad Roll, their new strength and conditioning coach, has made a noticeable impact in a relatively short time.

Through the offseason, he had the players doing far more running than they’ve done in the past. Not only is that important for the team’s stamina, especially when it comes to the latter stages of the game, but it is particularly vital to an offense that will emphasize deep passes and require receivers to run longer routes.

Offensive coordinator Norv Turner is going to have the Browns’ offense practice those aggressive pass plays constantly throughout training camp. He is known for asking his receivers to push themselves hard in practice, so Roll’s approach clearly has that in mind.

Getting through camp or the preseason injury free is a tall order for the Browns or any NFL team. A strength and conditioning coach can do plenty to help players avoid injury, but it also takes a certain amount of good fortune.

Nevertheless, Roll’s contributions to the Browns’ efforts to turn their fortunes around are notable and shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if players are able to remain mostly healthy throughout the season.

John says: “Jaws will drop this season from the pure aggressive nature of the offense and defense!”

I say: I hope you’re right, John.

Aggressiveness is the predominant theme on both sides of the ball. We saw plenty of evidence of that during offseason workouts.

Whether it will be effective enough to cause jaws to drop remains to be seen. I think we’ll be more than satisfied if the result is a significant rise in victories.

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