Can new Browns capture magic of old?

Posted by Vic Carucci on October 31, 2012 – 11:08 pm

By Vic Carucci, Senior Editor

You’ve got questions and comments that you submit to the Browns’ official Facebook and Twitter pages. Here’s what I have to say about what you have to say:

Ron – Trent Richardson is the greatest draft pick since the Browns’ return. With Jimmy Haslam there now, we will build on Richardson and Brandon Weeden. Gonna be like when I was a kid with Kosar, Mack, and Metcalf. Richardson is those guys in one package.

Love your enthusiastic thought process, Ron.

Not sure I’m quite as ready as you are to make such a comparison. After all, the NFL “careers” of Richardson and Weeden consist of all of eight games.

But I can see the same type of dynamic forming with the two of them and Josh Gordon and the other Browns rookies who look as if they’ll make an impact.

I also like your point about Haslam’s impact. I think there is every reason to believe that he not only will see through what was put in place with the drafting of these talented players but enhance it by adding more talented players.

Richardson clearly does have the difference-making ability of the past Browns difference-makers you mentioned. Now, he simply has to do it over a long and distinguished career.

Cody – Good stuff, T-Rich!!! You’re the future of our team. I really think we’re going to be the powerhouse of the AFC North within a year or two.

That’s a reasonable expectation, Cody.

You need a foundation to build a contender, and Richardson is a good one for that. Presuming that the Browns get a substantial contribution from the majority of their young players, and some of all of the other teams in the division go through some retooling of their own in some areas, the door could swing wide open to the Browns to become, as you put it, a powerhouse.

Dennis – I’d love to have seen both D and O do it together against the Chargers, but it’s a W.

The D clearly did the bulk of the work in that victory, Dennis.

But let’s not forget that the O did do its part with Richardson’s 122 rushing yards and an efficient performance by Weeden, whose greatest contribution was avoiding a turnover.

David – Anyone in America can praise their team all they want, but the bottom line is the Cleveland Browns’ fans are the most loyal through thick and thin. If you show us you will give it your all on the field, win or lose, we’ll back you a hundred percent. Been a fan for 40-plus years!!!

You nailed it, David.

I saw about 50,000 people sitting through absolutely miserable weather to watch a defensive slugfest. And they were cheering the Browns on until the very end.

D’Qwell Jackson was spot on with his shout-out to the fans after the game. That crowd was the very definition of what the 12th man is all about. And I’d love to see about 20,000 more on hand with the better weather conditions expected for Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

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