Different start to training camp

Posted by Vic Carucci on July 28, 2012 – 3:23 am

By Vic Carucci, Senior Editor

So there were the players on Friday, going through their warm-ups before an afternoon practice.

And there was the team president, going over the events from a memorable morning.

It was the start of the Browns’ training camp, and the only thing wrong with this picture was that the full roster of players did their work while being virtually ignored by a large crowd of reporters and cameras.

That’s because the reporters and cameras were surrounding Mike Holmgren, who provided a briefing on the big news that had broken at the start of the day: Browns owner Randy Lerner is in negotiations with truck-stop magnate Jimmy Haslam, who is interested in purchasing controlling interest of the club.

Understandably, football took a backseat to business. But only briefly.

Once Holmgren answered some questions and assured the media that the Browns would remain in Cleveland, the attention did shift to the action on the field.

There was plenty of talk about whether the negotiations for the sale of the Browns was a distraction to the players and coaches as they take the most important step to date in preparing for the 2012 season.

However, watching the practice, it was hard to find any signs that those on the football side of the operation were thinking about anything other than what was happening on the field. Players moved swiftly, mostly crisply, and with a general sense of urgency through drills. Coaches shouted instructions, reminders, and corrections throughout.

Veteran players, such as D’Qwell Jackson and Phil Dawson, fielded questions about the negotiations’ potential for interfering with the task of trying to finally turn the team into a winner. It would be unrealistic to think that the players and coaches were oblivious to the buzz from the biggest story to hit the Browns in many years, and Jackson and Dawson acknowledged that was hardly the case. Jackson acknowledged that the news took him by surprise.

But the linebacker put it best for everyone in the organization when, in sharing the advice he shares with younger teammates, said, “…worry about what you can control.”

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2 Responses to “Different start to training camp”

  1. By brwns_fan on Jul 28, 2012 | Reply

    Impact. The announcement had impact. I was struck by the convenience in timing to the start of training camp, news that could have been announced a day earlier. It’s about “Thunder” and stealing the “thunder” of one event to make another event seem smaller, unnoticeable. I’m not in the circling media sharks, but even I was attracted by the noise of the sale, noticing the spin used by the waiting sharks to make their stories seem bigger and somehow “Tastier” to attract me closer.

    Spins? H&H staying? Browns moving? Who is the new owner and is he a Steeler? Shouldn’t he sell his interest in the Steelers before allowed to buy control of the Browns? Four big spins sure to attract a Cleveland Brown’s fan. I wasn’t alone. The Mayor of Cleveland waded in. What bothers me is, what impact story was missed because of the blood in the water at the other end of the pool? We’ll never know because it worked so well.

    For impact to work as a distraction, the timing has to be perfect, the attraction impeccable, the stage well set, and the separation between the two or three events providing enough distance. It worked! Now, I’m left to wonder what tree’s fall was masked in the sounds of ‘timber’ happening elsewhere in the forest? There’s nothing to sink my teeth into, but I smell something in the waters.

    Conspiracy minded is a sign of paranoia. Model made me un-trustful of any Brown’s top office and owner’s or H & H. I’m not alone. I’m left with looking for signs of a body. That’s the thing about paranoia; it feeds on its self to stay alive. Time will tell.

  2. By dan tishman aka chevyman on Jul 28, 2012 | Reply

    1000% Steeler fan? Replacing Big Show? These are huge issues for Browns fans! Beyond that the ownership is not a huge factor unless you are the Cowboys! How’s that working out for old Jimmy! Actually this year they got a shot! Otherwise owners generally speaking let the pros do their job stay out of the way! Go Browns!

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