Expect receivers to play better

Posted by Bernie Kosar on July 8, 2012 – 10:50 pm

By Bernie Kosar, Special Contributor to ClevelandBrowns.com

Here are my takes on the Browns made while appearing on “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford”:

After a rough last year or two, the Browns’ wide receivers should have a chance to be better this season.

They’re going to have to show it on the field, of course, but there are reasons to believe they will improve for several reasons.

One is Greg Little’s maturity and growth into a dominant, No. 1 receiver. I’ll admit that I’m an optimist, but I do believe you develop a lot of maturity between your first and second year in the NFL. Little led the team in receptions as a rookie last season, and that was after not playing in his final year at North Carolina. He also was a running back for most of his football career, and was just really starting to learn the wide receiver position last year.

Another factor is the timing and accuracy of the quarterback’s throws. Recently, I was at an event with Brandon Weeden, and we were going over plays and going over concepts in the passing game. We talked about throwing the comeback versus eight-in-the-box, throwing the fade or the take-off versus press coverage, throwing the middle read or the deep fade versus Cover Two.

Those are types of throws that significantly stretch the field and open up things for other players. They open up the entire offense.

In addition, the receivers will be helped by the presence of Trent Richardson in the backfield. Richardson and the rest of the running game will force opponents to incorporate that seventh and eighth man in the box, thus resulting in one-on-one coverage outside.

And if Brandon can find a guy who he’s comfortable with throwing the comebacks and fades to, if Travis Benjamin is able to show his speed and beat press coverage, it significantly opens up the field and gives you just a lot of opportunities to attack defenses.

Yet another factor in allowing the wide receivers to perform better is our offensive line, which I really like. A good offensive line is incredibly helpful to the passing game because it will give the quarterback that extra half-second to throw the ball and the receivers that extra count to kind of work the coverage.

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3 Responses to “Expect receivers to play better”

  1. By brwns_fan on Jul 9, 2012 | Reply

    It’s a passing game of quarters of a second and a running game of the runner setting up the angle for his line to block. Passers need to be tall to see over the line to know when the linebacker just bumped his Primary out of his route. Runners need to be small to hide the crease he is setting his blocker up for. When their DE starts making plays in our backfield, it’s time for a shuttle pass or screen to fix it. Creating doubt, hesitation, frustration, and anger in the other team feeds on itself if you can laugh at their mistakes. “Get into their heads and keep their minds out of the game.” to quote an old Browns coach, Sam R

    I hope Weeds got something from that exchange with Bernie..

  2. By Jeff_Indy on Jul 9, 2012 | Reply

    Bernie, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that you are my favorite Browns QB of all time. I’ve been a fan since the 1960s, but was never more excited than when you came out in the supplemental draft, enabling the Browns to draft you.

    I think that your evaluations of the Browns and their potential is spot on. I’m an optimist as well. You have to be to stick with your favorite team through the lean years. But I really like the direction that Holmgren and company are headed. Every player they bring in, and every decision they make, isn’t going to pan out. That’s just the way it is. But I do believe the team will continue to improve over the coming years, eventually contending for at least a wild card berth, if not the NFC North division.

    I love hearing you talk about the Browns, Bernie. I’m glad you are once again a part of the team.

    Go Browns!

  3. By dan tishman aka chevyman on Jul 9, 2012 | Reply

    Kudos to Bernie’s status as the Browns top dawg! His incite is spot on as well. The Browns never released him at QB or he’d have a “jacket” and we’d have another championship or two! Anyhow what he said makes so much sense that with his input the Browns have a legit chance at playoffs this year and for a long run with McCoy as a solid backup! Weedon can toy with defenses when they try and stop Trich and he can use Trich to stop blitzes because the pass will scare the hell out of defensive coordinators! Super fly does not have to block much cause he can be a decoy on most runs cause he will get the attention of defensive backs every time he lines up wide! Go Browns! Go Bernie! The fan above cannot describe the way I felt after we grabbed you after I watched your last game in College! One of the greatest College performances of all time! Look at the tape Browns fans!

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