No one’s asking for ‘blind’ trust

Posted by Vic Carucci on June 25, 2012 – 9:45 pm

By Vic Carucci, Senior Editor

You’ve got questions and comments that you submit to the Browns’ official Facebook and Twitter pages. Here’s what I have to say about what you say:

Gary – I’m tired of this “trust me” crap. We trusted the last few regimes. While I’m more than happy to be patient, the contradictory personnel movements lead me to believe there is no real plan in place other than to blame others. You don’t demand respect. You earn it.

Gary, I fully agree with your final point. Respect can only be earned.

However, I disagree with the premise that the Browns’ administration is asking for blind trust. I also don’t buy that the team’s plan is based on blaming previous decision-makers.

It’s about people who have deep-rooted beliefs in how to properly assemble a successful franchise and install offensive and defensive schemes that work. They’ve had success in other places following the approach they are taking with the Browns. They can call upon that experience.

Mike Holmgren saw it work in San Francisco, Green Bay, and Seattle. Tom Heckert saw it work in Philadelphia.

So when they speak confidently about their plan, it isn’t a case of false bravado. They truly believe in what they’re doing because they’ve witnessed the results.

I can appreciate your being wary about having trusted other regimes only to be disappointed by what they put on the field. You rightfully have adopted a “show-me” perspective. When it comes to trusting the administration of a club that has gone so long without delivering an acceptable product, I wouldn’t be quick to simply take someone’s word at face value, either.

But that’s not what this administration is selling.

John – The next few years provide hope. Brandon Weeden is going to surprise and Trent Richardson will play well, as expected.

Yes, John, I strongly believe there is plenty of hope for the Browns in the next few years.

However, I don’t know how big a surprise it would be if Brandon Weeden plays “well,” depending, of course, on how you’re defining it. If it means desperately needed improvement at quarterback and more wins, then I expect him to do precisely what the Browns’ brass expects him to do.

If that comes as a surprise to anyone, it is only based on the fact Weeden is 28. Subtract six years from that, with the same production at Oklahoma State, and he easily would have been a top-10, if not a top-five, pick.

Richardson playing at the level expected of the third overall choice and one of the more dominant running backs to emerge from the college ranks in recent years is crucial to the Browns’ chances for success.

However, I would contend that nothing will do more to help make the Browns better faster than Weeden performing at an equally high level. His play has a chance to do wonders for the Browns’ much-maligned receivers and make every aspect of the offense, including play-calling, look significantly stronger than a year ago. He’ll do that with his quick release, his accuracy, and the velocity of his passes that should be able to make it through those tight windows of coverage before they close.

Dave – I really hate to say this, but the Browns’ offense will fall apart this year. Richardson, though a great athlete, cannot fix all problems.

Dave, despite his draft status, I don’t think Richardson was brought in to fix all of the Browns’ problems. Of course, he is a hugely important cog to the efforts of repairing the offense.

But I highly doubt that Pat Shurmur is putting all of his eggs in the basket of a single player or a single aspect of his offense. He knows that won’t work.

The Browns aren’t losing sight of the fact that Richardson is a rookie and needs a little time to develop, just as any other player. They know he must have an opportunity to learn and absorb all that he needs to know about the offense and about what he will be facing from NFL defenses. The expectation is that he will contribute plenty sooner rather than later, but it’s a gradual process.

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9 Responses to “No one’s asking for ‘blind’ trust”

  1. By Todd on Jun 25, 2012 | Reply

    As fans, we must remember that since the new regime has taken over, this wasn’t going to happen over night. This IS a process. Former regimes had little to no plan. Holmgren and Co. have adheared to what they told us 2 years ago. We’re building through the draft. Many are upset McCoy wans’t given a fair shake. That’s life. Doesn’t only happen in football. Weeden IS an upgrade. TRich IS and upgrade. These 2 alone COULD help us win some of those losses of 7 or fewer points. We’re still 1-2 years away from CONSISTENT play. It’s coming. Be patient.

  2. By Mike on Jun 26, 2012 | Reply

    I grew up watching Jim Brown , Lou “The Toe ” , Frank Ryan , on and on through the years .They have not always won but they always have excited and thrilled me , and I don’t care how many times I have got mad and swore I would never watch them again i AM ALWAYS LOOKING FORWARD TO TRAINING CAMP .

    The reason I started this out the way I did was to assure some of the naysayers I have not just shown up the last few years , but have stayed dedicated to the Browns .

    I really do feel they are undergoing a change over that will make them be a very competitive team going forward . We have been led down the garden path before but this feels right . Please be patient cause we are going to give some people some trouble this year . I am convinced .

    Mike heffner

  3. By brwns_fan on Jun 26, 2012 | Reply

    There is a feeling that T_Rex won’t impact the NFL in his first season. Our OL pulled together for Hillis last year, even when they were behind the 8-ball. I see the same thing happening this year for T-Rex and the committee. Run until it doesn’t work, then throw over the top to loosen the D up off of play action. DB’s will get tired chasing down a FAST wr. Work on one side on every play and the other side short. Do a play action and send the short guy long and the long guy short.

  4. By Jeff_Indy on Jun 26, 2012 | Reply

    I too am a long-time Browns fan, going back to those early 1960s teams, all the way through the current team. I think the Browns are headed in the right direction with Holmgren and Heckert in the front office, and Shurmur, Childress, Jauron, and the rest of the coaching staff, leading the team on the field.

    I think the Browns have been methodical in the way they’re building this team. Remember, the Browns were in a pretty sad state when Holmgren took over, with MANY holes to fill, on and off the field.

    The previous regimes had squandered away draft picks, made some silly trades, and pinned their hopes on poor coaches and players who were NFL back-ups at best. This regime is reversing that trend, improving their coaches, starters, back-ups, and special teams players each year.

    The Browns may only be a 8-8 team this season, but they should be competitive, improving throughout the season. They might just be in the hunt for a playoff spot in a year or two. But I expect them to progress each year.

    Go Browns!

  5. By Go Browns! on Jun 26, 2012 | Reply

    I agree with Vic and Todd.

    This is not the previous regimes. These men have a plan. They were short changed last year with not having an off-season program to teach a new offensive system, a new defensive system, and a new coaching staff. What do these so called fans think should have happened last season with all of these things going against the team? For crying out loud! Holmgren, Heckert, Shurmer and the rest of the management team have done the best that they could with what they have been given. They DO HAVE A PLAN! They are building through the draft, just like they said. They have brought in players that have out performed the people that were replaced. They are installing systems that have been proven to work. If you are a Browns fan, BELIEVE! This team is going in the right direction. If we would have had this group building the team from the beginning, we would have a team that would be in the playoffs and possibly the Super Bowl by now! It isn’t their fault that the fans have suffered through all of the mess of the past.
    Go Browns!

  6. By Troy_Jungmann on Jun 26, 2012 | Reply

    I want to make a note that Colt McCoy was one of the most accurate passers in college football history. The issue the browns have was giving him the time to pass to the receivers. I haven’t seen much done to fix this issue. Stop putting all of the Browns woes on the shoulders of Colt. Remember, Colt outplayed Weeden in college. Just because Weeden’s older does not mean he is more poised. He hasn’t been attacked by the steelers or Ravens defense yet. Made any reads against the best defenses in the league. Here is a question for you. Are the receivers on the roster good enough to make any quarterback successful. They didn’t last year. If you want to fix the browns issues, it starts in the line play on both sides of the ball. Period. Richardson will help but he needs a year to get the offense down too. It is really frustrating because everybody was behind McCoy when the backs and the offensive line were actually doing their job two years ago before your starting back got hurt and became a mental case. Quarterback is a concern but you worries better be in that offensive line and the receivers. I would recommend giving Colt a shot with Richardson in the back field.

    Go Browns! Win with Colt!!!!!

  7. By dan tishman aka chevyman on Jun 26, 2012 | Reply

    Vic is making this season a memorable one due to what he brings to the table. We are fortunate Browns faithful! I think the QB situation is Bernie like and the running game is top 5 in history when you combine the young O line with 2 pro bowlers! Defense is aggressive and with the addition of Taylor late this year will come into it’s own! The Draft picks have been outstanding especially the late round meat and potatoes! The X factor are the wide outs and the injection of speed to go along with an evolving solid effective unit! This team is ready to explode and all the individuals with big big hearts will lead this team with the players to go as far as they want! The lid is ready to blow off the Cleveland Browns! Vic sees it! Go Browns! With Colt!

  8. By dan tishman aka chevyman on Jun 26, 2012 | Reply

    What does all this momentum mean to the W and L’s? It means like a rope this team had added measurable strength, however so have other teams, the difference is Heckert only drafts players who are willing to buy in and able to improve to the level they will be plugged in and not loose a beat! This all adds up to a competitive unit which will not only be in every game but will be able to strike when threatening and get over the hump! I believe the defense will give up some points but clamp down near the red zone in many cases forcing the offense to match points against elite teams! We are now ready to make 8 and 8 look below our potential and playoffs more like our place in the NFL for this season and for sure next! Go Browns!

  9. By dan tishman aka chevyman on Jun 26, 2012 | Reply

    The defense will get Taylor back the last quarter of the season just in time for our unit to become all that it can be! IT will evolve into a solid unit capable of winning games once the offense puts up a few TD drives! Late this year the mouthpieces will know our wide outs/tight ends and for sure TRich! Go Browns!

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