Browns did what was necessary to land Richardson

Posted by Vic Carucci on April 27, 2012 – 1:21 am

By Vic Carucci, Senior Editor

NEW YORK – In the end, this was the move that made the most sense.

The Browns desperately needed to land a difference-making player in the 2012 draft. They could not take the risk of sitting at No. 4 and hoping that Trent Richardson – the most dynamic force in this year’s college crop outside of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III – would be available for them to take.

Hope is not a strategy.

Making a trade with the Minnesota Vikings to move up one spot to assure themselves of getting Richardson was. And the Browns did the somewhat bold and extremely smart thing by pulling off that deal.

Now, the team has someone it can count on to make an enormous impact right away … and for years to come.

Yes, Richardson is a running back, and, yes, the NFL is a pass-first league. However, his presence in the Browns’ backfield should go a long way toward enhancing their passing game. He will force opposing defenses to put a safety in the box and, therefore, leave an extra hole to be exploited through the air.

Richardson also is a superb receiver out of the backfield and can also be split wide. In addition, he can help in pass protection.

Most of all, though, he is a highly effective ball-carrier. He can pound out the tough yards between the tackles. He can explode for long gains up the middle and outside. He is the multi-dimensional running back talent that the Browns haven’t had in a long time. As strong a season as Peyton Hillis had in 2010, he still wasn’t what you could call highly versatile. He did a nice job of catching the ball, but the bulk of his damage on the ground came through straight-ahead, power running. And he wasn’t able to sustain that high level of performance in 2011.

The majority of draft evaluators with whom I’ve spoken say Richardson has the talent to consistently produce at an elite level. And with Richardson running well, the Browns should be able to get much more from the passing game that Pat Shurmur installed last year and will have a full offseason, training camp, and preseason to enhance.

I have no problem whatsoever with the fact the Browns parted with fourth-, fifth-, and seventh-round choices to acquire the pick to land Richardson.

In the long run, those players are unlikely to make the individual or even collective impact that Richardson will make. When you have a conviction on a player, as the Browns did with Richardson, you have to do what you can (within reason) to get him. This transaction fell in the parameters of being “within reason.”

The Browns can do something they haven’t been able to do for much of this offseason, and that’s give their fans a reason to feel excited and hopeful.

That’s what dynamic players such as Trent Richardson do.

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4 Responses to “Browns did what was necessary to land Richardson”

  1. By Captain Cleveland on Apr 27, 2012 | Reply

    The ONLY way the trade makes sense is if Cleveland KNEW that someone else was going to make MINN the same offer and move ahead of them to get him, because we know who the Colts were picking. We knew who the ‘Skins were picking. And we knew MINN was NOT going to take Richardson.

  2. By Captain Cleveland Who? on Apr 27, 2012 | Reply

    Tampa Bay Buccs wanted Richardson, they were looking to leap frog Cleveland. Vikings didn’t care because it was unlikely that either would take Kalil. Please stop proving that Cleveland fans are this dumb. The other 99.9% of us disapprove of you and your comments. Great trade, we gave away a late fouth and a fifth basically, very little value in either. Yes I did not include the 7th round pick. Why? Its a 7th round pick, we can pick people up via free agency.

  3. By mofrappe on Apr 27, 2012 | Reply

    Vic, kudo’s to the organization for pulling the trigger on this pick. I’m a huge Richardson fan!!! Totally, love the selection. Now, we should be able to win those close games and better control the clock. I may regret the selection later; but that is highly doubtfull. Maybe, once our WR’s learn to catch – we can attempt to pass again. H&H please select a road grader RT in the draft.

  4. By Captain Cleveland on Apr 27, 2012 | Reply

    And thanks for proving that many of them are angry people and bigshots when typing a reply on their computer. Having now heard what you and everyone else in the world heard a bit later in the draft, yes it was the right move. It’s pretty easy to look like you know everything when you wait until it’s all spelled out for you by ESPN or NFL Network. My reply was right after the pick when the intrigue wasn’t known yet genius. Thanks for being another angry Browns fan. Go beat your dog now and get it out of your system.

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