Documentary dialogue sparks trash-talking memories

Posted by Bernie Kosar on April 7, 2012 – 2:58 am

By Bernie Kosar, Special Contributor to

Here are some highlights from my latest appearance on “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford”:

As disturbing as most of the quotes from Gregg Williams in the incriminating documentary that surfaced this week were, I actually got a kick out of comments from some of the players talking to guys they hit.

Unlike the whole bounty situation with the Saints, the back-and-forth between players is one of the things I find fantastic about football — the competitiveness, the toughness of it.

But when a guy hits a quarterback under the chin and says to him, “I’m going to be back; you don’t forget me. I’m going to be back and get ya again,” and that’s presented as being the same thing as what Gregg Williams did in directing players to deliver hits that cause injuries, I just don’t understand that. I don’t see that even in the same hemisphere as what Williams did.

I’ve had guys say those kinds of things to me when I was playing, and I always found it hilarious – all the smack-talking and trash-talking. It’s one of the fun things that you do in the league.

I remember Mark Gastineau hitting me late in our double-overtime playoff game with the Jets, and then saying “I killed ya, I killed ya … and I’m going to kill ya again.” And he was doing this as we got the first down, as we got the 15 yards from his penalty.

When I was with the Cowboys and I was playing in the NFC Championship game after Troy Aikman had gotten hurt, two defensive linemen from the San Francisco 49ers were on top of me saying, “Oh, I yoked ya, I stroked ya, you old man. You can’t play anymore.”

And I said, “Hey, guys, I don’t think these 80,000 people are cheering because you yoked me; which I’m not even sure what that is.” What they were cheering about was the 60-yard touchdown pass to Alvin Harper.

I mean, those are the memories that you keep with you for forever. And it’s one of the unbelievably fun parts of the game.

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