Shurmur on McCoy: ‘He’s chomping on the bit’

Posted by Vic Carucci on March 27, 2012 – 10:48 pm

By Vic Carucci, Senior Editor

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Offseason preparation programs for all 32 NFL teams are set to begin on April 16.

And at least one player can’t wait to get started.

During an exclusive interview on “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford” on Tuesday from the NFL meetings here, coach Pat Shurmur said quarterback Colt McCoy was anxious to get started.

“My conversations with Colt have been very positive,” Shurmur said on the show. “He’s really looking forward to the preparation part, because this is where championships are made – in the offseason, preparing for training camp. And I think he’s looking forward to this phase of it, and I think he’s chomping at the bit to get back to Berea.”

Shurmur said he is in regular contact with McCoy, and is happy with the feedback he has received from him regarding his approach to the offseason.

“I communicate with him frequently; as much as once a week I’ll call him or text him to see how he’s doing,” the coach said. “And I think what’s important is – and professional players know this and football players are wired this way – that when it’s the offseason, teams are going to do what they can to improve the team. And if you’re currently on a team, what’s important is that you improve yourself and get better. And he knows that.

“I was talking to my son (Kyle) about it. He came in as a freshman at St. Ed’s (last year). I said, ‘The reality of it is, they’re going to try to find somebody better next year,’ so you learn how to deal with it. So they’re wired, as players, to deal with the competitive nature of the sport and new players competing for what you’re competing for.”

Shurmur also said there is plenty of reason to look forward to the Browns’ draft next month, especially with the addition of four compensatory picks that the NFL gave the team on Monday. That gives the Browns a total of 13 picks.

“You can’t talk about building a sustainable winner if you don’t build through the draft,” Shurmur said. “I still believe it’s the best way to build your team and we’ve displayed, especially last year (that we’ve) picked players that really helped us. So we’re excited. As we sit today, we have 13 draft picks, and that’s going to help us.

“Now the focus becomes, if nothing changes, go pick 13 guys that we think can start, contribute in a role, or make your team.”

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16 Responses to “Shurmur on McCoy: ‘He’s chomping on the bit’”

  1. By dan tishman aka chevyman on Mar 28, 2012 | Reply

    13 picks. 4 or 5 are going to be game changers if last year is any indication! Stephan Gilmore is not a drop off from Claiborne, Stephan Hill has a huge upside perhaps greater then Blackmon and a trade down for David Decastro is not out of the realm, then grab Gilmore and possibly Hill! Sweet! Later on James and Bruce IRvin a troubled kid who needs a stable home with terrific athletic ability and pop at outside lb! Finally Brook Osweiler at 6 7 with a strong arm but a bit green! What a draft! Speed athletic ability and big arm! Go BRowns!

  2. By Marshall on Mar 28, 2012 | Reply

    I think the browns trade down to 7th or 8th to get Richardson. They finally need to get a complete running back. I think Hill will be there at 22 but he might be gone before the second round because he had a great combine and pro day.

  3. By dan tishman aka chevyman on Mar 28, 2012 | Reply

    Marshall we can ill afford to take a running back at #1 cause we have too many needs at o line and outside linebacker and lets not forget wide out! Then again as noted by a fan Monday Richardson makes the passing game better. I favor a more wide open offense with speedy backs like James but that would mean one of our current backs would be put on the shelf to get nabbed by some opportunistic team! That would be JAckson odd man out for James game changer!!!! THis guy IRvin is a sleeper if we can surround him with DQ and co to stay focused! Finally Laser arm Osweller behind Colt gives us two legit QB’s!

  4. By chris on Mar 28, 2012 | Reply

    they wouldnt get richardson at 7 or 8 the bucs would take him at 5. we need to take him at 4 marshall.

  5. By JIM on Mar 28, 2012 | Reply

    Rams trade up to our 4th pick and grab Claiborne. Bucs take Richardson. Browns take Blackmon and Rams 2nd round and a 5th

  6. By jeetaman on Mar 28, 2012 | Reply

    The only reason for the rams to trade up is to grab Blackmon for Bradford to throw to. Bucs would grab Claiborne at 5 because Barber is 37 and done after this year. Richardson will be available at 6.

  7. By Nate on Mar 28, 2012 | Reply

    This is what I’ve been waiting on, to hear the news we weren’t drafting a high profile QB and trying to build around him. I don’t think we even gave Quinn a fair shake which was under different leadership. I really hope Cleveland picks the best RB, and WR available with (picks 4th and 22nd). I hope those picks are Trent Richardson, and Michael Floyd (possible 22nd). I also hope heckert goes againt his grain and reaches out to FA for a couple decent offensive tackles and guards. We have to replace Steinbach, Pashos and possibly Shawn L which I think his performance was less than mediocre. I would not even think about Defense until 3rd round if I was Cleveland. I say give Colt 2 more years, especially with a full off season of preparation. I am glad to see that the Front Office is thinking right.

  8. By Bill on Mar 28, 2012 | Reply

    Richardson at 4(People say thats too high for a running back but at the same time he would be snagged up before us if we trade down)
    Stephen Hill(or Michael Floyd) at 22. no-brainer, we need a reciever who can stretch the field
    Best O-lineman available at our 2nd round pick, Colt needs some protection.. I mean come on, how many times was he sacked or just flushed out of the pocket last year.
    3rd round, OLB or another possible starter for the O-Line
    rest of draft, project players

  9. By brwns_fan on Mar 28, 2012 | Reply

    Having two lock down CB’s when opponents have third and five and we’ve got a blitz called, means we have a chance to INT for good field position or if no INT but only a pass knock-down, opponent does a three and out. Either way, it gives the ball back to the Offense. Isn’t that worth a #4 pick?

  10. By mrbiggkid on Mar 28, 2012 | Reply

    Two lockdown corners sound nice as you put it…but the fact is we can’t score points. We’d just end up losing every game because we can’t put 10 points on the board. Gotta go offense early.

  11. By curt on Mar 28, 2012 | Reply

    i think we should trade down and get possible another first next year and pick james and a reciever this year than get a o line out of the 2nd and work on th olb posistion. i like trent and claiborn but i like the idea of getting another first next year and possible picking high again i think were two bad to not try and multiply that number 4 pick and to multiple posistions before the 5th round.

  12. By Nate on Mar 29, 2012 | Reply

    I’ve seen WR Michael Floyd (ND), and this guy is FOR REAL! I’d much rather have him than Blackmon. I wonder will Cleveland pick 4 for RB Trent Richardson, will Floyd be available around 22? Worth trading up to get him? I would spend 2nd Round on Offensive Tackle if we’re not going to FA for help, maybe even 3rd too. I would get some Defensive guys in 4th and beyond. Just my bit

  13. By Cowboys on Mar 30, 2012 | Reply

    Colt is twice as efficient as Tannerhill look at match up in college. Moreover, Tannerhill didn’t win head to head match up with Colts little brother Case. Give colt the weapons and watch him lead this team to victory.

  14. By T Gall on Mar 30, 2012 | Reply

    Building a team is like making soup, you need to add ingredients and let it simmer for a while before you know how it’s going to tast. I agree with the Posting about Quinn / Colt. Let’s give Colt at lease one full season (Including off season) under center and see if there’s improvement. Lets draft Richardson (4) one of the top three receivers at 22, and a run blocking Right tackel top of the 2nd round.

  15. By Eric on Mar 31, 2012 | Reply

    I would take Richardson at 4, he won’t be there past 4. I would then take Floyd or Wright at 22. Then if the stars lined up just right and Hill or Jefferies would be there at our 3rd pick I would get one of them also. It is probable for that to happen. Then we would have a stud at RB, and 2 Stud WR’s. Then we could run Little in 3 WR set packages and even run Little at Tight End. The run would set up the pass, or the pass the run. I’m telling you our offense would be deadly. After Getting those guys we could then go for offensive line and partial defensive depth. We have to go all in mostly this year on offense, defense isn’t too shaby and they are starting to come into their own.

  16. By Mitchell on Apr 10, 2012 | Reply

    We need a WR that wont drop balls. Ever since Braylon it seems that is all we can get. I would love a Blackmon or even a Floyd in the brown and orange. However I think we take Richardson at 4. As long as it’s not a QB I will be satisfied Tannehill is not better than Colt. Let see what Colt can do with more than Little to throw too. McCoy is tough as nails. BOOOM

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