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Posted by Matt Florjancic on January 20, 2012 – 11:56 pm

By: Vic Carucci, Senior Editor

We’re taking the show on the road!

From Monday through Friday, Cleveland Browns Daily will be broadcasting from Mobile, Ala., site of the annual Senior Bowl college all-star football game.

We’ll be broadcasting, 6-7 p.m. ET, live from the headquarters hotel of the Senior Bowl participants. We’ll have exclusive interviews with members of the Browns’ player-personnel staff, as well as national draft analysts and Senior Bowl players.

In addition, former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar will be on hand and make his regular appearances on the show.

The thrust of our Senior Bowl coverage will focus on what we observe during the daily practice sessions, which is the primary means by which the Browns’ contingent and representatives of the NFL’s 31 other teams form opinions on the nation’s top seniors in the game. The talent evaluators are looking to see how the players function in drills conducted by the NFL coaching staffs guiding each all-star squad (the Minnesota Vikings’ coaches will lead the North, while the Washington Redskins’ coaches will lead the South) because it will provide a strong indication of how well their skills will translate to the next level.

“With corners, it’s really good because you’ll see them in press coverage,” Browns general manager Tom Heckert told me on Friday’s edition of Cleveland Browns Daily. “Some of these guys have never played press coverage at all. You can watch all the tape they played in college, and you don’t get to see them play press. Well, they’ll do one-on-ones (at the Senior Bowl) versus the receivers, so you can see the receivers and DBs go against each other, so that’s a big thing.”

The same goes for one-on-one pass-rush drills. As Heckert points out, an outside linebacker from a college team that used a 3-4 defense might very well be moved to defense end in the Senior Bowl.

Another benefit from assessing the Senior Bowl is seeing the players face elite competition in day in practice and in the game on Saturday, Jan. 28.

“These are close to the best guys out there, so they’re going against all the (top) players,” Heckert said. “Where you watch a major college where a few games they’re not playing against great opponents, so at least we’ll see them against good competition. It’s a good thing for us to watch.”

The quality of talent doesn’t necessarily represent the cream of the 2012 college crop. With no underclassmen participating and some seniors choosing not to participate, the talent pool is slightly watered down.

“It’s really more of the late-first-round … type of guys that are there,” Heckert said. “It’s just another tool that we use to figure out where the players should go (in the draft).”

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