One down, many to go

Posted by Vic Carucci on July 26, 2011 – 1:27 am

By Vic Carucci, Senior Editor

The first “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven By Liberty Ford” radio show is history, and as I sit back in a quiet studio, I feel a great sense of pride to be part of an organization that defines the meaning of teamwork.

That one hour we spent on the air was a reflection of a tremendous amount of support — both from the Browns and the folks at ESPN 850 WKNR, which carries the program live Monday-Friday beginning at 6 p.m. ET – from a lot of very professional and dedicated people.

It begins at the top of each organization — where there was a common belief that the Cleveland market had the appetite for such a show on a year-round basis — and continues with production, marketing, and sales staffs that effortlessly collaborated on the finished product. I just had to sit behind a microphone and try not to screw it up.

Monday night’s debut was incredible because it came with the announcement of the end of the NFL lockout. There were two celebrations going on simultaneously in the training facility here in Berea — the return of football and the launch of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven By Liberty Ford.” The feeling of electricity was palpable, and the energy filled the studio throughout the day and the entire show.

The combination gave us an abundance of content, but with players due to arrive in the building in hours and Friday’s opening of training camp, we’re going to have even more to discuss in all of the days ahead. The preseason, regular season, postseason, and all of the activity through the first of many “normal” offseasons that will be upon us next year are going to be overflowing with material.

But Monday night was a very nice start.

Team president Mike Holmgren addressed how the Browns will proceed now that the NFL and the NFL Players Association have agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement. He discussed the schedule of signings, and acknowledged that, with first-year coach Pat Shurmur and other changes, the Browns face greater challenges than more experienced clubs. However, he said he thought his coaching staff and players are capable of handling them.

“We have some young people that really want to learn and get better and let’s just roll up our sleeves and do the best we can,” Holmgren said.  “I’m really confident that our players prepared while they were away. I think they want to learn. They want to get better. They want to do this. There’s a great feeling on this team. Now we just get it done”

Two of the more popular former Browns, quarterback Bernie Kosar and offensive lineman Doug Dieken, also stopped by. They’re going to be regulars on “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven By Liberty Ford,” and they demonstrated why their segments will quickly become favorites of our listeners. During the 15 minutes we spent together, we broke down post-lockout life, their own experiences with NFL work-stoppages in the 1980s, Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, and what might be expected of the team’s approach to free agency.

I loved the casual, conversational feel of “talking ball” with two guys who have great insights, as anyone who has heard Kosar’s analysis on WKYC’s preseason Browns television coverage or listened to Dieken’s analysis on the Browns Radio Network broadcasts can attest.

You can count on much more of that from our many other guests, beginning with Tuesday’s edition, which I’ll preview in my blog after our morning production meeting.

It’s one down … many more to go.

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4 Responses to “One down, many to go”

  1. By bill on Jul 26, 2011 | Reply

    listened to the first show – great job! this is going to be an exciting year…hope we can land a couple quality free agents.

  2. By Matt on Jul 26, 2011 | Reply

    Vic, great job yesterday! Looking forward to getting daily Browns coverage on knr. Now lets go get some players and make this team competitive.

  3. By scott stahl on Jul 26, 2011 | Reply

    First show was AWESOME and am looking forward to many many more. We had to change our supper hour so I can listen uninterupted.

  4. By Mr. C.J. Sports on Jul 26, 2011 | Reply

    I missed the first show, but I will be listening tonight. Thanks to internet radio, moved to NC while in the military, I am now learning to to get hometown stations and talk shows. Long story short, I will be there tonight!

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