Getting Healthy, Part VII

Posted by jamirhowerton on June 3, 2011 – 6:38 pm

Cleveland Browns fans, welcome back to my Getting Healthy with the Browns blog.

The week has gone pretty well, just with the strict rules of eating and the strict rules of working out. It felt like I was coming down with a little cold with the change of the weather, going from hot to cold out here.

My body felt worn down, but I guess what I’ve been learning through all of this was patience. Nothing is going to come off fast. There are ways you can go on these little crash diets, but what I’ve learned is if you really want to do it the right way, eat properly, work out and exercise regularly. You’re not just going to lose five pounds in one day. It’s going to be a process. It might be two pounds, depending on your body and depending upon how much weight you’re trying to lose. Everything is a process and you have to be patient. What I’ve been going through is learning that aspect of the game. I feel like I’m putting in all this work and I should be losing more weight. I keep seeing the same number and I’m getting frustrated. I don’t know if I’m hitting a wall or whatever it is, but I’m scheduled to talk to Coach Kent Johnston next week, Monday, and those are going to be some of the questions I’m going to ask him. I feel like I’m doing everything the right way, staying on my strict diet and I’m working out. The weight’s just not falling off as fast as I’d like it to, whereas, people around me are telling me, “I see a little difference. You’re slimming down in the face.”

Recently, I’ve added boxing into the game. I’ve been doing a minute of just hitting the heavy bag with combinations or just jab-jab-jab, jab-jab-jab-hook or I’m just going right-left-right-left. I’ll go three sets, on for a minute and take a 30-second break. It’s been exhausting, but definitely gets the upper body, cardio and a lot of that. I have a lot of respect for boxers. That’s a hard gig.

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