Getting Healthy, Part V

Posted by jamirhowerton on May 26, 2011 – 5:36 pm

Thursday, May 26, 2011:

Cleveland Browns fans, welcome back to my Getting Healthy with the Browns blog.

The transition from the vacation in New York has been going great. I think, just for me going through this whole new process, it was really good for me to get away and be put through a challenge of having different spots that I love to eat at and finding creative ways to work out. You’ve got the facilities here, right at your fingertips and going back home to deal with the challenges and hoping the weather will hold up so you can at least get a workout in, was really good for me to go through to see how strong I could be. To come back, hit it hard and do double-time two miles in my neighborhood and get here in the gym, it has been going great. I’m definitely happy to be back on my strict diet from Chef Monica Horn and workout from Kent Johnston.

The challenges will be tough because it’s Memorial Day weekend and there are two barbeques that are going on in my neighborhood, but that’s when I just have to make smart, healthy choices. Monica has told me that planning the meals out is basically the key, so I’ll eat as much salad as I can. I don’t eat pork anyway, so I’m not going to miss the barbecued ribs, but I love beef brisket. You can have it in moderation, but I’ll have chicken sausage, turkey burgers, plenty of salad. I am a fan of potato and macaroni salad, but I have to keep those two things in moderation. As far as the flavored waters, I’m good to go. No juice and no soda.

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