Getting Healthy, Part I

Posted by Matt Florjancic on May 12, 2011 – 8:16 pm

Hello Browns fans. I’m Jamir Howerton and welcome to my Getting Healthy with the Browns blog. Here’s some insight into why I started this routine and what I’ve been doing to get in shape as we head into the summer months.

The idea came from the fact that I was approaching 40 years old and I started to look at my eating habits. I found I was just basically working out to eat whatever I wanted and realized that my metabolism wasn’t as high and the weight continued to start coming on. Just like anything, during the wintertime, you find food for comfort and I found a little too much comfort. I wanted to come into this year and shed a few pounds, not to go crazy, but just learn how to work out the proper way.

I always had a basic workout program. I’ve never been the type of guy to get in the gym and bench press a bunch of weight or lift a bunch of barbells. I wanted to learn how to work out the proper way. Being around this industry for the past 18 years of my life, you would think you would know how to work out properly from all the different strength and conditioning coaches that you’ve come across. I kind of took it for granted. I would get in the gym, do my mile or two and the basic sit-ups and push-ups, three sets of 25 and lifted a little weight here and there. I was always a small-frame guy.

The first couple of days, from a workout standpoint, have gone normal. I’ve been trying to learn the science of muscle confusion because you just don’t want to continue to be in the same routine because your muscles in your body would just get used to it. I’ve substituted running and yard work. When you’re raking up dead grass and cutting the grass, you’re actually using muscles that you wouldn’t normally use in a basic workout. I’m also learning core treatment. Working out the core stabilizes your lower back and stomach. As you become a middle-aged man, these are the things that are apparent.

The biggest thing for me is the eating portion. I downloaded an App on my IPhone and basically, it’s helping me count my calories and I’ve gone in and set up my own plan. It just gives you a guideline to see how much food that you’re actually taking in. For a guy my size and with my activity level, I should be taking in no more than 2,500 calories. With that, I’m trying to tell myself that I should be taking in 2,000 to 2,200. That’s been the hard part.

Check back in with the blog over the next four weeks and follow Jamir on Twitter.

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